Clark Stoeckley

I start with a final image in my mind and then work backwards, doing whatever is necessary – performance, video, photography, design, or drawing – to realize that vision. My art connects utopian ideals with everyday life to inspire action for change. I am always looking to reach people beyond the art world, as my work is best experienced in public spaces like our streets or the Internet. It is intended to be an engaging, tongue-in-cheek response to the day’s headlines, but also a solemn critique of the systems and power structures in our daily lives. I feel a sense of duty to hold our corrupt government officials, bloodthirsty warmongers, greedy corporate executives, and their propagandists accountable for their wrongdoing.

 My interest in social justice inspires me to document and comment on homelessness, consumerism, police brutality, voting accessibility and the environment.  I utilize various personas, uniforms, and class, paired with serious humor, to create a constructive dialogue about society’s dilemmas within the communities I have lived. My projects are layered with a visual vocabulary that stems from a deep interest in modern and contemporary art theory, history, and criticism. Art is not the end product. Art is the tool; social justice is the end product.

 Like anyone overtly political, many love my messages and tactics, while others just don’t care for my brand of satire.  I do not wish to preach to the choir, nor do I care to fuel the opposition's flames. My goal is to reach out to everyone in between. I want to educate them, show them some truth, and invite them to see the world differently.​